CALL FOR PAPERS: 24th Workshop on Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies

Deadline: 13 November 2023

The organising committee of the BAFA – Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies Special Interest Group is pleased to announce its annual workshop to be held at Essex Business School, University of Essex, on Friday, 8 December 2023. The workshop aims to bring together academics working on accounting and finance issues concerning emerging economies. The workshop aims to raise the level of interest in the specific problems of accounting and finance in emerging economies; and increase awareness of real issues, so that accounting and finance in these countries will not just be seen as a matter of copying what is done in the industrialised countries. It provides an authoritative overview of the research and progress in this field.

Two Best Paper Awards will be presented under the categories of doctoral and early career researchers whose work represents impactful research in the Emerging Economy Context.

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