Friday 7 - Friday 7 January 2022 Virtual Meeting

Please find the conference programme and links to the recordings of sessions on the Conference website:

The Interdisciplinary Perspectives Special Interest Group (IPSIG) and the Department of Accounting at Birmingham Business School were pleased to announce the

4th Alternative Accounts Europe Conference

This conference brought together faculty and doctoral students who are working within the broad category of the interdisciplinary and critical accounting project. The conference offered a space to showcase research that is challenging to perceived wisdoms both in terms of content and form.

To that end, we were delighted to announce that we were holding a panel discussion on the Accounting Forum’s editorial “Opening Accounting: A Manifesto”[1] published in July 2021. Panel speakers were the coordinators of the Manifesto:

  • Diane-Laure Arjaliès (Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario, Canada)
  • Charles H. Cho (Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada)
  • Andrea M. Romi (Rawls College of Business, Texas Tech University, USA)
  • Stewart Smyth (Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK)

The organising committee:

Annika Beelitz, Co-chair

Elisavet Mantzari, Co-chair

James Brackley

Tom Cuckston

Mohamed Fadzly

Ann-Christine Frandsen

Keith Hoskin

Alex Lin

Nick Rowbottom

Robert Scapens

Madlen Sobkowiak

Ian Thomson

Penny Tuck

[1] Chandana Alawattage, Diane-Laure Arjaliès, Mereana Barrett, Julie Bernard, Silvia Pereira de Castro Casa Nova, Charles H. Cho, Christine Cooper, Mercy Denedo, Caecilia Drujon D’Astros, Russell Evans, Amanze Ejiogu, Lex Frieden, Alessandro Ghio, Nicholas McGuigan, Yi Luo, Erica Pimentel, Lisa Powell, Paula Andrea Navarro Pérez, Paolo Quattrone, Andrea M. Romi, Stewart Smyth, Joanne Sopt & Matthew Sorola (2021) Opening accounting: a Manifesto, Accounting Forum, 45:3, 227-246, DOI: 10.1080/01559982.2021.1952685

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