About Us

The Financial Markets and Institutions SIG brings together academics with research and scholarly interests in financial markets and institutions. This is a dynamic field of scholarship and an environment where the exchange of ideas and collaboration can contribute much. We acknowledge the ubiquitous nature of financial services in accessing the monetary economy for financial professionals and society and the economy more widely. The group is inclusive by nature and open to contributions on financial markets and institutions from a range of disciplinary perspectives. We hope this forum can provide UK based opportunities to assist new and prospective academics together with more established scholars. To achieve these goals the groups has a number of values.

In particular advances in technology, digital transformation and the availability of data has revolutionised not only the practice of financial markets and institutions, yet also how these fields are researched, perceived and analysed. Recognising and supporting these new research opportunities which until relatively recently would not have been possible is central of the ethos of the groups. The group wishes to exploit these opportunities by encouraging discourse between academics with diverse research interests, both within finance and beyond.

Since the great financial crisis – these fields of study have also been subject to much regulatory and legal scrutiny and face an often jaundiced public perception. Engaging with these wider regulatory, legal, conduct and cultural concerns to promote better practice and more transparent, ethical and sustainable and efficient operations of financial markets, systems and a diversity of financial institutions and activities, from banking, insurance, building societies and credit unions, is central to the spirit of the group.

To further understand the implications of these changes, the group wishes to bring together academics engaged in theoretical, empirical and policy relevant research. The SIG will strive to encourage co-operation and co-ordination of academics and PhD students across the UK to provide a forum to meet and exchange ideas. This will involve both support for the development of training of PhD students and new lecturers to gain experience within a friendly and supportive environment. More generally the group is committed to establishing stronger links with the financial industry and industry associations, the many professional bodies working in this area, financial regulators and other interested stakeholders. This is critical for both the immediacy and relevance of our studies and the impact of the research and teaching we all undertake.

To assist with these developments and as a focus of our activities we hold an annual conference. The inaugural conference was held in 2022 at the University of York. Details of forthcoming conferences and other events will be reported on this website. 


The SIG is keen to support the following initiatives.


Open invitation to join an international research alliance ...

Professor Robert Faff (Bond University & Emeritus UQ) is creating an exciting new global research network primarily aimed at research training and capacity building, resting on a foundation theme of responsible science. Importantly, the network aims to inclusively embrace like-minded university researchers centred on the multi-faceted utility provided by the Pitching Research framework, as a natural enabler of responsible science.

Here are a three quick headlines:

  • The network name is the “International Society of Pitching Research for Responsible Science” (InSPiR2eS).
  • For a 2-page summary: What? Why? Who? How? & When?
  • After just a short time … the InSPiR2eS research network has >250 members, spanning 65 countries/jurisdictions .

If you are interested in joining the InSPiR2eS research network and engaging in its upcoming rich program of webinars, workshops and research resources, you are encouraged to register at the Google Docs link