The purpose of the Diversity Special Interest Group is to further the objects of the British Accounting and Finance Association by pursuing its aims and objectives. In particular, this includes:

  • encouraging and supporting diversity accounting and finance research and scholarship;
  • supporting a network of diversity accounting and finance researchers and teachers;
  • encouraging adoption of diverse approaches to teaching and learning of accounting and finance that are perceived to enhance the diversity of accounting and finance education;
  • providing support for doctoral students in diversity accounting and finance research and education;
  • developing and maintaining close links with diversity accounting and finance researchers and educators within the UK and Ireland and internationally, both individually and through equivalent organisations in other countries including North America, Europe, and Oceania;
  • communicating to support engagement activities with stakeholders;
  • developing and maintaining close industry connections with the accounting and finance professions so as to mutually inform activities, polices and other work on diversity in accounting and finance research and education;
  • organising conferences, workshops and other events relevant to diversity accounting and finance researchers and educators;
  • providing a forum for interaction of ideas among diversity accounting and finance researchers and educators; and,
  • maintaining relationships with the British Accounting and Finance Association, its sub-groups, and other equivalent bodies.

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