About Us

Under the auspices of the British Accounting & Finance Association, we have been running a British Accounting Association Special Interest Group on Corporate Governance since 1998. The Group has held many successful conferences covering a broad range of issues in the area of corporate governance.

The group acts as a forum for research and dialogue on corporate governance issues. The group aims to bring together researchers from the professional and academic spheres to discuss the latest developments in international corporate governance.  Events provide ample opportunity for debate between delegates and speakers. Both practitioners and academics working in the corporate governance benefit from hearing and engaging in discussion with speakers involved at the heart of corporate governance.

Since the publication of the Cadbury Report in 1992, the academic discipline of corporate governance has burgeoned, with researchers focusing on a broad range of areas, including:

  • boardroom effectiveness, the role of non-executive directors and board appraisal
  • executive remuneration and remuneration disclosure
  • the role of institutional investors in promoting effective corporate governance, shareholder activism
  • the development of corporate governance internationally, with harmonisation through the OECD Principles and individual country codes of practice
  • the financial reporting, accounting and audit functions
  • stakeholder relations and the importance of stakeholder accountability
  • corporate governance disclosures

Membership of the group offers you the opportunity to attend regular conferences and one-day symposia on targeted areas of corporate governance research. We also distribute a Newsletter to members with features of teaching in corporate governance and corporate governance research.