Auditing Special Interest Group (ASIG)

The Auditing Special Interest Group (ASIG) is a group of people interested in various aspects of auditing:

  • practice of auditing and assurance;
  • scholarship in auditing and assurance;
  • teaching of auditing, ethics, and assurance; and 
  • research in auditing, ethics, corporate governance and assurance.

One of the purposes of the Auditing Group is to develop close links between the academia, the regulators, the accounting profession and other relevant parties. The main vehicle for doing so is via the organisation of the annual Audit and Assurance Conference (AAC) as well as via other relevant activities. The conference (AAC) rotates to different areas of the UK or Ireland every year and attracts a unique mix of academics, practitioners and other.The first conference of the group was held in 1991. 

The conference aims to provide a forum which (i) allows academics from universities to meet and exchange ideas and experience; (ii) encourages the discussion of educational objectives and teaching methodologies within auditing and ethics; (iii) promotes the dissemination of current research and professional practice; and (iv) brings together professional accounting bodies and institutes, regulatory bodies, the accounting firms and those working in universities. The conference attracts a mix of influential academic and professional speakers from the UK and overseas. 

This is mainly an academic conference where university professors from around the world debate the findings of their latest research on a diverse range of topics. However, the conference also offers unique presentations by distinguished international professional (non-academic) speakers who altogether critically discuss auditing issues arising from the recent discussions and developments by various regulatory bodies.

Non-academic professional speakers in recent past years include people such as Stephen HADDRILL (then Chief Executive Officer, Financial Reporting Council, UK), Arvind WADHERA (then acting Head of the Audit Policy Unit, European Commission), Warren ALLEN (Deputy President, IFAC), Allister WILSON (E&Y UK partner), David Pitt-Watson (Hermes and member of the Sharman Inquiry, UK), Charles BOWMAN (Chairman, ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty, and PwC UK partner), Arnold Schilder (Chairman, IAASB), among others.Also, Lewis Ferguson (then PCAOB Board Member, USA), Brynjar Gilberg (then Special Advisor, Accounting and Auditing Supervision, FSA Norway), Andrew Jones (Director of Audit Inspection Unit (AIU), UK), Dan MONTGOMERY (Vice Chair of IAASB, Partner in E&Y USA), Hilde BLOMME (Deputy Chief Executive, FEE), Richard FLECK (Chairman APB, UK), among others.

Further details about the activities of the ASIG can be found by accessing the following web-site