Accounting History - Special Interests Group

The BAFA Accounting History SIG was formed in April 2018.

The main purposes of the AH SIG are to further the objects of BAFA by:

  • encouraging research and scholarship in accounting history research;
  • establishing and supporting a network of researchers and teachers in accounting history research;
  • enhancing the teaching of accounting history;
  • supporting the development of emerging scholars in accounting history;
  • providing support for doctoral students in accounting history;
  • providing a forum for interaction of ideas among accounting academics interested in accounting history;
  • encouraging the integration of historical scholarship into all aspects of the activities of BAFA and of BAFA members;
  • developing close links with the accounting profession so as to inform policy;
  • developing close links with similar groups elsewhere so as to foster and promote an international community of accounting historians;
  • publishing a newsletter and organising (and sponsoring) targeted workshops and conferences; and,
  • developing and maintaining relationships with the British Accounting and Finance Association and related professional bodies.

Our research interests include:

  • medieval accounting
  • accounting in times of stress, such as during war-time or when there is a natural disaster 
  • breweries and brewery accounting before the Second World War
  • the role of the Royal Navy and Naval accounting in the development of accounting in the UK
  • accounting history and religion