CDAF Strategy

Constitution Objectives

  • Promote accounting and finance education and research.
  • Promote and develop best practice in academic management, funding and operational matters.
  • Consult with and make recommendations to appropriate bodies.
  • Liaise with CPAF on matters of joint concern.
  • Promote a sense of community.


  • Organise Annual National Conference.
  • Run Research Bursary scheme.
  • Run Staff Development Workshops.
  • Represent the interests of Departments of Accounting and Finance by responding to relevant consultation exercises.
  • Conduct Surveys, in collaboration with CPAF/BAFA, on the Sustainability of the Accounting and Finance Academic Community.
  • Engage with the Professional Accounting and Finance Bodies.
  • Engage with the Higher Education Academy.
  • Engage with international community to share best practice.