VIDEO: BAFA IPSIG Plenary Session July 2020 Now Online

BAFA's Interdisciplinary Perspectives SIG hosted its first virtual plenary session in July 2020 which focussed on issues surrounding doing interdisciplinary research and engaging with industry. The session also explored ideas on how to establish and develop links with industry and the opportunities and limitations of external funding. The session included excellent presentations by Professor Lisa Jack, University of Portsmouth, and Professor Ian Thomson, University of Birmingham, who shared their recent research and experiences on these issues.

The IPSIG is keen to develop knowledge and share experiences on these topics and so, in that spirit, please feel free to add any useful comments/feedback/ideas on the YouTube page (in the comments section) or email the Chair of IPSIG, Dr Sara Closs-Davies (

Video of IPSIG Plenary Session 2020—Watch on YouTube.