Proposed New BAFA Diversity Special Interest Group (SIG)

The BAFA EDI Monitoring (EDIM) Group seeks to engage your interest in forming a new BAFA Diversity Special Interest Group (SIG). As part of the process, we need support from existing BAFA members. It would therefore be highly appreciated if you could please click on the link below to register your support for and/or interest in becoming a member of this proposed new SIG.


The BAFA Diversity SIG will work to enhance and support diversity in all aspects of accounting and finance education, research and practice. It will do this by actively creating a professional space for accounting and finance researchers and educators working in the areas of diversity, equity and social justice. The Diversity SIG seeks the broad inclusion and active engagement of multiple perspectives, experiences, and ideas in accounting and finance education, research, and practice. The Diversity SIG will work to create an awareness of diversity matters that impact research, education and practice, as well as enhancing and supporting the professional development of all academics and doctoral students. Membership of the SIG will be freely open to all existing BAFA members.


Please register your support and interest for the creation of this new Diversity SIG as soon as you can.

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If you have any queries about this proposed Diversity SIG please email

This proposal is endorsed and supported by all members of the BAFA EDI Monitoring (EDIM) Group:

Edidiong Bassey
Thereza Deaguiar
Alpa Dhanani
Nick McGuigan
Collins Ntim
Iwi Ugiagbe-Green
Shraddha Verma