CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue (SI) of Meditari Accountancy Research

Paper Submission deadline: 16 June 2023

This Special Issue of Meditari Accountancy Research is concerned with accounting as a combined technical, social and moral practice with an overarching concern for shaping a better world from tomorrow, including by means of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other key mechanisms. According to Bebbington and Unerman (2020, p. 1657), “accounting scholars have been slow to engage in SDGs-motivated research”. 

This special issue aims to facilitate the focus of minds around the effects of accounting, whether intended or unintended; accounting may have narrow premises or roles or potentially concerning consequences for the world we pass on to our children and future generations.

What papers are suitable for this special issue? The formal advice is stated as follows: Reimagine accounting for its potential and not how you have been told, across time and space, it should be done. Ponder instead on what accounting is doing in the world and what accounting should be doing in helping to shape a better world, thereby enabling “the flourishing of organisations, people and nature” from tomorrow. While this may be considered challenging, the world needs our commitment; accounting is paramount in this era of “calculative order”. 

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