CALL FOR PAPERS: 34th Audit & Assurance Conference

Deadline: 28 January 2024

The 34th Audit & Assurance Conference, organised by the Auditing Special Interest Group (SIG), will be held in Dublin, Ireland on 9–10 May 2024. The conference organisation is supported by Aston University Business School.

The conference aims to provide a forum which: i) allows faculty from higher education establishments to meet and exchange ideas and experiences, ii) encourages the discussion of educational objectives and teaching methodologies within auditing courses, and iii) promotes the dissemination of current research and professional practice in auditing an assurance, and auditing education. The conference offers a unique mix of distinguished expert speakers in the areas of auditing and assurance (incl. audit education) and it provides highlights of the latest unpublished academic research on auditing and assurance. The conference also addresses critical auditing issues arising from the recent discussions and developments by various international regulatory bodies.

The conference has been successfully held at venues around the UK or Ireland for the past 33 years and attracts a mix of international academic and professional speakers. 

The conference organising committee is accepting papers in any area of auditing and assurance research (including audit education and pedagogy). 

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