There are several opportunities open for volunteers to work with BAFA. We accept self-nominations and nominations from friends/colleagues for posts. Please do not be too modest or wait to be asked – your interest in any of these positions would be very much welcomed. 

Accounting Information Systems & Emerging Technologies (AISET) Special Interest Group Roles

AISET objective is to promote research and application to inform theory and practice in the broad area of contemporary accounting information systems and emerging technologies related to big data analytics, artificial intelligence, data visualisation, machine learning, deep learning, XBRL, cryptocurrencies, smart contracts and blockchain reporting and assurance.

The AISET special interest group (SIG), will be informing researchers, practice, business, professional bodies, policy makers and standard setters of the benefits and value creation for utilisation of innovative technologies techniques and tools and addressing matters related to barriers and restrictions of wider implementation to the accounting and auditing landscape. AISET members will be working in the following areas inquiries, among many others:

  •  IT audit
    • Continuous auditing
    • Audit data analytics
    • Audit planning using data analytics
    • Internal control analytics
    • Forensic analytics
    • Textual analytics
    • Fraud detection analytics
    • Management accounting decision support systems
    • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP)
    • Intelligence systems
    • Management decision making
    • ESG assurance analytics
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • XBRL
    • Accounting and audit digitalisation
    • Cybersecurity
    • IT governance
    • IT control
    • Accounting information visualisation
    • Internet financial reporting
    • Social media analytics
    • Social networks analytics
    • Accounting information system design
    • Tax automation
    • Smart contracts analytics
    • Cybersecurity reporting
    • Blockchain applications in accounting and auditing
    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    • AIS intelligence

  • AISET will be hosting an annual conference and mid-year one day workshop, with the possibility of some online webinars during the year. The membership will be broad to include academics, professional bodies, businesses, including audit firms and standard setting organisations.


    Following the BAFA executive committee approval of the newly developed BAFA Accounting Information Systems & Emerging Technologies (AISET) SIG, Nominations are sought for the following three posts on the Executive Committee of the BAFA Accounting Information Systems & Emerging Technologies (AISET) SIG:

    • Elected Member (Secretary)
    • Elected Member (Treasurer)
    • Elected Member (Events Organisation)

    For consideration for these posts, we request that those expressing an interest provide a brief statement, not more than 200 words, indicating the contribution you intend to make to the Executive Committee.


    Nominations for elected posts should be e-mailed to before 12:00 (noon) on 30 May 2023

    For any further information, please contact Professor Amir Michael (

    Appointments are made under our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and are overseen by our Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Committee.