There are several opportunities open for volunteers to work with BAFA. We accept self-nominations and nominations from friends/colleagues for posts. Please do not be too modest or wait to be asked – your interest in any of these positions would be very much welcomed. 

Conference of Professors of Accounting and Finance (CPAF)

In addition to supporting the objectives of British Accounting and Finance Association, CPAF exists to:-

  • further accounting and finance research in the UK, and its interaction with commerce, industry and practice
  • formulate and express views from the UK professoriate in this area
  • make recommendations to professional bodies in this area, and to
  • liaise with the other BAFA standing committee, the Committee for Departments of Accounting and Finance (CDAF)

In addition to chair, vice chair and treasurer, its Executive Committee has co-opted and ex-officio members; all these positions are currently filled by UK professors but with vacancies existing (as of the summer 2023).

CPAF recognises the need to renew its membership and therefore would like to widen the participation within its executive. Therefore, it is calling for expressions of interest in joining the executive committee in two categories, one for professors and one senior lecturers (associate profs).

  • Currently processes exist for the appointment of a professor to one of its positions, and any UK senior academic willing to participate in CPAFs mission should contact Mark Shackleton (
  • Additionally, the CPAF executive are keen to expand its membership by one to explicitly include an Associate Professor or Senior Lecturer from the UK base of Accounting and Finance Departments. Any Associate Prof / SL in this area, should also contact Mark Shackleton ( expressing their interest in helping run CPAF’s mission.

CPAF will review its Exec Committee structure before its next AGM in 2024. At this time, all nominees will be reviewed, potentially by ballot amongst existing committee membership, in the event of more suitable candidates coming forward than available positions.

Appointments are made under our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and are overseen by our Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Committee.