There are several opportunities open for volunteers to work with BAFA. We accept self-nominations and nominations from friends/colleagues for posts. Please do not be too modest or wait to be asked – your interest in any of these positions would be very much welcomed. 

Accounting Education Special Interest Group (AE-SIG)

The AE-SIG invites expressions of interest and nominations for the following posts to serve on the on the Executive Committee. You will need to be a member of BAFA and of the AE-SIG if you are selected.

  • Chairperson
  • Vice-chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Editorial advisor


The Chairperson is responsible for leading the Accounting Education SIG including initiating and managing the overall direction of the SIG, overseeing the implementation of agreed policies and strategies, and ensuring that the affairs of the SIG are conducted in a manner that complies with the policies and practices of BAFA. The Chairperson chairs SIG meetings and represents the SIG on the main BAFA Executive.


This role  acts as deputy to the Chairperson (on SIG and BAFA responsibilities), works closely with the Chairperson and takes the lead on a selection of the activities and strategies of the SIG.


The Secretary performs the required formal record production and records management role of the SIG. In particular taking, correcting and storing agreed minutes of executive meetings and General meetings. The secretary is also responsible, in association with the Chairperson and vice-Chairperson, for formal communications and dealing with constitutional issues.

All committee members will have an active role. The roles of Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer are formal roles required by the constitution all the other roles are determined by the Executive Board of the SIG and members of the executive may need to be allocate new roles and roles might be reallocated between elections or appointment. The current role of the final elected member for which we seek nominations is:

Editorial Advisor

Provides advice to the SIG on matters related to the publication of accounting education related research and leads or participates in activities related to the promotion of accounting education research and activities aimed at increasing the research and scholarship skills of members of the SIG.

The roles of the current coopted members due for renewal, and for which we seek expressions of interest are: 

Publicity, Web & Social Media who is responsible for ensuring the AE-SIG presence on the BAFA website is relevant and up-to-date (via coordination with the BAFA administrator) and for promoting the activities of the SIG on social media, particularly our presence and posts on LinkedIn.

Early Careers Champion who will lead the planning and coordination, with the help of other members on the committee, of events, workshops and webinars aimed at early career or rejoining academics and PhD students. Ideally the ECC should themselves be an early career academic.

Events coordinator, who is responsible for leading, designing, organising and promoting the events of the SIG in coordination with the conference organiser, the ECR and others involved in events. Currently the Events coordinator runs and leads our successful online writing retreats.

For coopted and non-formal elected roles expressions of interest or platforms for election will be considered that include other intended or desired roles and activities, but roles and responsibilities allocated (and where necessary reallocated) will be agreed by the executive board, considering the requirement of the SIG.

The deadline for receipt of interest is 5 May 2024 at 12pm.

Nominations for all posts (elected and co-opted) should be e-mailed to the undersigned Chair (copied to Secretary) before 12:00 (noon) on 5 May 2024. Nominations should include details of how the nominee has been involved in the accounting education community and what areas of expertise they would bring to the committee.

In the interests of transparency, the current Vice-chairperson and Editorial advisor intend to re-stand for election, as do two of the co-opted committee members. The current chairperson will remain on the committee as the immediate past chairperson, as per the constitution.

Please contact any of the of the current committee if you wish to talk to us about possible roles and membership. A list of  current committee members and contact details can be found here

Appointments are made under our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and are overseen by our Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Committee.