2022 CARE Conference

Due to the inherent uncertainty in arranging meetings at COP27, the 2022 CARE Conference, Accountability in a Sustainable World, will again be held during New York Climate Week in conjunction with Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2022. The 2022 virtual Accountability in a Sustainable World Conference will air on 21 & 23 September 2022, and will include 12 plenary speeches, 4 panel discussions, and 12 contributed talks. 

The goals of the conference, as well as the journal, will be to (1) build and strengthen the links between academia (both teaching and research) and practice, (2) encourage younger academics by providing an opportunity to present their work to both other academics and practitioners, and (3) provide opportunities for practitioners to communicate with academics and influence their work. The journal will be cross-disciplinary, with a focus on measurement, assurance of the measurements, and use of the measures.  

The CARE Conference will bring together accountants, finance-professionals, law-professionals, law-makers, standard-setters, economists, investors and scientists as well as academics from the sciences, accounting, finance, law and economics.

As with all CARE conferences, the main goal will be to set a research agenda for many emerging scholars, which will address key issues related to accounting for sustainability and responsible investing. We look forward to your participation in the discussion of the critical issues of accounting for sustainability and responsible investing.

Key themes include:

Navigating CSR, ESG and sustainability issues is a complex and often heated matter with multiple pressures on business from regulators and investors to ensure proper measurement while also making responsible decisions for the future.

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