Making the Case for the Social Sciences: Accounting & Finance

Making the Case for the Social Sciences: Accounting & Finance

The 13th edition of the Making the Case for the Social Sciences booklet is now complete and we are delighted that it was formally launched in an event at the House of Commons on 10 May 2018 by the Right Honorable Elizabeth Truss, First Secretary to the Treasury. Representatives of BAFA and BAR, politicians, policy makers and Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS) attended a lively event. The chair or the event was Professor Shamit Saggar, chair of the Campaign for Social Sciences. Anne Stafford and John Wilson presented their cases—sadly not all contributors could present at what was a short lunch-time meeting! 

Mark Protherough from ICAEW, and a BAFA Trustee, represented the accounting professional bodies. Jane Broadbent gave an overview and highlighted the vast array of finance and accounting research that could not be included for reasons of space. The contribution of finance and accounting to society more generally was highlighted as were the links of accounting and finance to other social sciences.

Thanks are due to those who provided cases whether published or not, to the editorial panel, Pauline Weetman, Neil Kellard, John Cullen and Jane Broadbent. Thanks also to Lisa Jack and Chris Brooks and to Nathan Joseph and Alan Lowe who provided support from BAFA and BAR. Finally, thanks to the team at AcSS who did the practical work on the publication and the Launch, especially to Michaela des Forges and to Marta Kask.

This edition of Making the Case for the Social Sciences – Accounting and Finance has been supported by the British Association of Accounting and Finance and its dedicated journal The British Accounting Review (BAR). The research papers published in BAR have relevance for industry, professional bodies in accounting and finance, public services and charities and thus address the needs of society in general. The joint editors of BAR are proud that the journal has been able to extend its mission of contributing to the dissemination of important scholarly work by supporting the publication of this edition of Making the Case for the Social Sciences.

The booklet can be downloaded from the Academy of Social Sciences website.

More generally please do consider supporting AcSS and the Campaign for Social Sciences—good social scientists should be put forward for recognition as Fellows of AcSS and existing Fellows will be happy to help in this process. Your Universities can also give institutional support to AcSS and the Campaign and again Fellows or the AcSS secretariat will help with this as well.

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