Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance Education Award

Please Note: We have renamed the Outstanding Contribution to Accounting Education Award (OCAEA) to Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance Education Award.

It is intended that the Outstanding Contribution to Accounting & Finance Education Award (OCAFEA) should be made annually to one or more individuals who have made a substantial and direct contribution to UK accounting and finance education over the course of their careers. Such contributions can be evidenced through research, teaching and public service. The award will be given to an individual who has spent a substantial amount of time in his or her career within accounting or finance education normally within the UK. The Award can only be made once to any given individual.

BAFA will seek nominations for this award from its membership in the Autumn of each year. Each year a sub-committee will consider the nominations, together with any other names it sees fit to consider. The sub-committee will then make a recommendation, along with a brief report on the process followed, to the BAFA Executive Committee as to whom the award should be made. Normally, the sub-committee would comprise the current President, the current Vice-President, the General Secretary, one of the current editors of the British Accounting Review, plus one other member of the Executive Committee. The award would then be made at the following BAFA Annual Conference, subject to the individual concerned agreeing to accept the award.

Professor Barbara Flood (2021)
Professor Catriona Paisey (2020)

Professor Pru Marriott (2019)

Neil Marriott (2018)