Past Event of BAFA Annual Conference

Monday 23 - Wednesday 25 March 2015 UNIVERSITY PLACE, MANCHESTER

The British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) is pleased to announce that its Annual Conference will take place from Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 March 2015 at University Place, Manchester.  This event is preceded by the BAFA Doctoral Conference, also at the same venue, on Sunday 22 and part of Monday 23 March 2015.

The BAFA conference is an excellent opportunity to present academic papers in any area of accounting and finance to an audience of fellow academics from across the UK and many other countries, to engage with cutting edge research that is being undertaken across many areas of accounting and finance in the UK and globally, and to network with a wide range of academics.

This year the registration fee is £280 (and only £140 for full time non-salaried PhD students and retired members) for the full conference which includes attendance at the Conference Dinner.  Only members of BAFA are permitted to participate in this event so the relevant subscription fee may also be applicable in addition to the registration fee.

We welcome the submission of full papers in any area of accounting and finance for presentation at the conference.  The deadline for submission of papers through our on-line system is Monday 8 December 2014.  

All papers will be fully refereed.  We aim to notify acceptance decisions by Friday 9 January 2015.  For accepted papers, the corresponding author* needs to have registered for the conference by Monday 2 February 2015 for their paper to be included in the conference programme.

* Please note that due to the high demand to present papers we are only able to receive one paper from each corresponding author (the corresponding author does not need to be the paper’s lead author).  If you are a co-author on more than one paper you wish to have presented at the conference, then a different co-author will need to act as corresponding author and register to attend.