About Us

The Financial Markets and Institutions SIG aims to bring together academics withdiverse research interests toprovide a dynamic environment where the exchange of ideas can contribute to its understandingof financial markets and institutions. Advances in technology and the availability of data has revolutionalised financial markets to provide research opportunities which until relatively recently would not hve been possible. The group wishes to exploit these opportunities by encouraging discourse between academics with diverse research interests encompassing, butnot limited to, financial markets, investment strategy, analytical modelling and capial markets based accounting research and practitioners.

The structural features of financial systems have changed significantly in recent years. Barriers in trade have been dismantled allowin financial institutions to trade more freely not only with their domestic markets but also throughout the glove. Financial institutions have increased the range of products and services to customers, leading to the distinction between banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions becoming blurred. Competition has intensified leading to pressure on financial institutions to keep costs low and find new ways of increasing revenues from new types of products and services. The recent financial crisis has impacted severely on financial markets and institutions. Many banks have suffered large losses and have had to raise additional capital, either privately or through their respective national governments, via a variety of bailout schemes.

To further understand the implications of these changes, the group wishes to bring together academics engaged in theoretical, empirical and policy relevant research. The main purpose of theSIG is to encourage contact, co-operation and co-ordination of academics and PhD students across the UK to provide a forum for estabsliehd academic to meet and exchange ideas and also support the development of training of PhD students and new lecturers to gain experience in presenting work within a friendly and supportive environment.