Workshop on Writing Quantitative Research Papers: Accounting in Emerging Economies

Thursday 10 - Friday 11 May 2018 Centre for Research in Accounting, Accountability and Governance (CRAAG), Department of Accounting, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Highfield, Building 2, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

This workshop is organised by the BAFA Special Interest Group on Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (AFEE) and Southampton Business School; Centre for Research in Accounting, Accountability and Governance (CRAAG). This workshop will focus on crafting quantitative research papers on accounting with an emphasis on research carried out in the context of emerging economies. The workshop will include a forum for discussion and sharing practical experience with experienced professors in accounting. The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with key skills required to produce a research paper and prepare it for submission to a peer-reviewed journal. In particular, the workshop aims to provide participants with skills required to write research motivation, research problems and research contributions, highlight the different approaches in choosing your research method and dealing with data related to emerging economies. Finally, this workshop will provide participants with the skills in writing-up and discussing their research findings in a way that can generate interest and eventual publication.

The workshop will be delivered by three experienced quantitative researchers in the field of accounting in emerging economies, namely Professor Ven Tauringana from the University of Southampton, Professor Collins Ntim from the University of Southampton and Professor Musa Mangena from the University of Essex . Professor Steven Young, Associate Editor, Journal of Business Finance & Accounting from Lancaster University, will also be a special guest speaker. Together, they have considerable experience in publishing, reviewing and editing papers in top-tier journals, and successfully mentoring a large number of doctoral students and early career quantitative researchers.
The workshop will be held over 2 days from 9.00am to 5pm. Overnight work/activities may be expected and there will an emphasis on group work & participation.

Target Audience

The programme is designed to support all people who seek to publish quantitative accounting research in emerging economies in peer-reviewed journals and at well ranked conferences. Whilst early career academics are the major target audience, applications from more senior academics are welcomed - the opportunity to work on a paper intensively is valuable to all researchers – irrespective of their level. 


We invite applicants to submit a draft of their quantitative paper for consideration to the workshop by midnight Saturday, 31 March 2018 to The topic can relate to any field of accounting (including management accounting, financial accounting, public sector accounting, audit, management control and tax in the context of emerging economies. The workshop will be limited to a relatively small group of participants (about 15) to provide sufficient time for deeper interactions.

Only one paper per participant will be accepted.

Papers submitted need not be at the stage of near completion in anticipation of submission to a journal, but they must contain the basic plan, argument, literature review, theory adopted, research methods, empirical analysis and conclusions. You are welcomed to contact the organisers at for any clarifications that you may have.


The workshop will be held in Building 2, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton Highfield, Southampton, SO17 1BJ. Information about accommodation and travel will be provided in due course.

Registration Fee

Free (inclusive lunch, coffee, dinner on 10 th May). Participants will need to cover for the cost of their own travel and accommodation. The event is sponsored by the BAFA AFEE Special Interest Group and the Centre for Research in Accounting, Accountability and Governance (CRAAG), Department of Accounting, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton.