Call for Proposals — De Gruyter Studies in Corporate Governance


Announcing a New Series

De Gruyter Studies in Corporate Governance is a new, original and timely series of research monographs that will explore important and emergent issues in corporate governance across the world in both developed and developing economies. This new series aims to:

  • Analyse the roots of corporate governance failure arising from weaknesses in governance mechanisms such as the board of directors, the audit and accounting functions, internal control and risk management, shareholder activism and stakeholder engagement
  • Address corporate governance effectiveness within a wide range of sectors including listed companies, the public sector, the charity and voluntary sectors.
  • Draw together research from a wide variety of methodological approaches, including quantitative and positivist research as well as qualitative research including interviewing, case studies and surveys.
  • Provide coverage of social, environmental and sustainability issues in governance practice, integrating growing risks relating to climate change and ecology into corporate governance analyses
  • Explore corporate governance issues through a variety of theoretical lenses including: resource dependency theory, agency theory, stakeholder theoretic perspectives and sociological paradigms such as theories of risk and social science theories.
  • Address corporate governance in an interdisciplinary manner, bringing together factors and influences from finance, management, sociology and other relevant disciplinary traditions.

Call for Proposals

Research monographs/books for this series would typically be works of around 60,000 words. We are looking for interesting and innovative proposals for monographs which might, for example:

  • Explore the evolution of corporate governance in MENA countries
  • Analyse the relevance of ecological and biodiversity issues to corporate governance
  • Evaluate the contribution of Integrated Reporting to corporate governance effectiveness
  • Investigate corporate governance and accountability in African countries
  • Research the growth of responsible investment in Asia, Africa or Latin America
  • Investigate corporate governance challenges in the charity and voluntary sectors
  • Incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into corporate governance frameworks
  • Provide longitudinal studies of executive remuneration and corporate performance

Series Editor:

If you are interested in submitting a proposal or have any questions, please contact the Series Editor: 

Professor Jill Atkins,

Sheffield University Management School, UK
Sheffield University Management School
The University of Sheffield
Conduit Road
Sheffield S10 1FL