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Accounting Education SIG Writer's Retreat Photo

Accounting Education SIG Writer's Retreat

Are you finding it difficult to allocate time to writing? Would you like to submit an abstract or Pecha Kucha abstract to the accounting education conference, but just need to write it? We propose our online writers’ retreat, on 24 February 2022.

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Discussions arising from: Insights into accounting education in a COVID-19 world Photo

Discussions arising from: Insights into accounting education in a COVID-19 world

The impact of COVID-19 on universities, faculty, students, and administrators was rapid, unplanned, and extreme. In March, within the space of 1-2 weeks, sometimes only days, sometimes one day, teaching and research moved online. Faculty had to cope, had to deliver, had no choice. This webinar considers the findings of a study involving 66 accounting educators from 45 countries into the impact of COVID-19 on accounting education and the issues and solutions they found that we may embrace as we move into a future very different from the one we knew pre-COVID. The topics to be covered will include difficulties encountered in delivery and design, assessment, stress of students and staff, loss of community, opportunities for change, and challenges and fears for the future of accounting education.

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Let’s talk: Blended Learning Photo

Let’s talk: Blended Learning

As we approach the new academic year, our universities will adopt varying approaches to blended learning. With large group sessions seemingly impossible under social distancing protocols, the traditional face-to-face lecture may disappear from higher education in the coming academic year. So what will replace the lecture?

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