About Us

CDAF exists as a representative body concerned with matters of national importance in the management of University departments of Accounting and Finance. It focuses upon issues of curriculum, quality assurance, academic management, professional body links and staff development. It provides a forum for debating these issues, for sharing examples of good practice, for networking with colleagues who have similar management responsibilities, and benchmarking academic performance indicators in the subject. It also represents the views of senior academics in Accounting and Finance on relevant matters of national importance.

It is a formal committee of the BAFA and is a representative body made up of the nominated Head of Department or equivalent person from each University offering degree programmes in the field of Accounting and Finance.

Specifically, CDAF:

  • Promotes accounting & finance education and research;
  • Promotes and develops best practice in academic management, funding and operational matters;
  • Consults with, and makes recommendations to, appropriate bodies;
  • Liaises with CPAF on matters of joint concern; and,
  • Promotes a sense of community.

To join CDAF, please contact Rod Kelly (Secretary)