British Accounting Review Research Register

The register is published as an information service to members of BAFA.  Institutions supply all data voluntarily and the editors undertake, within reasonable limits, to publish all data supplied by designated institutions and take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the data supplied is accurately published.  The data is published in order, primarily, to facilitate communication and co-operation between members of the British academic accounting community.  There is, however, no restriction on who may purchase the Register and the data is used by practitioners, research bodies, funding agencies and publishers, as well as colleagues overseas.

This is the fifteenth edition of the biennial Research Register, published with the support of the ICAEW, ICAS and BAFA. This edition has seen a change in name to the British Accounting and Finance Association Research Register rather than British Accounting Review Research Register to reflect the changing nature of this Register. This Register is now online only, and is not published as a supplement to BAR (and Elsevier) but is now published as a stand alone register of BAFA. This edition includes the lecturing specialisms, research interests and publications of 1850 academic staff members in Accounting and Finance departments throughout the British Isles, across 110 university and college departments.

All appropriate institutions were contacted and great efforts were exerted to obtain a complete entry from all institutions but regretfully not all departments always participate and a few entries may therefore be incomplete. Our thanks for the work and patience to all participating institutions.  Very special thanks are dueto Hazel Batchelor who has done all the clerical, administrative and secretarial work on this Edition.

C.V.Helliar and E.A.Monk
May 2012


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