Positions available at BAFA

There are several opportunities open for volunteers to work with BAFA. We accept self-nominations and nominations from friends/colleagues for posts. Please do not be too modest or wait to be asked – your interest in any of these positions would be very much welcomed. 

BAFA Accounting & Finance in Emerging Economies SIG

The Accounting & Finance in Emerging Economices Special Interst Group (AFEE SIG) are happy to announce Executive Committee Elections to be held at an online General Meeting during the Accounting and Accountability in Emerging Economies (AAEE) Conference from Monday 28 June 2021 to Wednesday 30 June 2021 (please kindly note: the exact day and time will be specified closer to the AGM date). 

We are seeking nominations for the following five posts on the Executive Committee of the BAFA AFFE-SIG: 

  • Elected Member (Chairperson)
  • Elected Member (Vice Chairperson) (new role) 
  • Elected Member (Treasurer)
  • Elected Member (Workshop Organiser) 
  • Elected Member (Social Media Executive) (new role) 

Please kindly note that to be nominated for election, you must be a member of the British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA), as well as the BAFA Accounting and Finance in Emerging Economies (AFEE) Special Interest Group (BAFA AFEE-SIG). 

Nominations (names) for elected posts should be e-mailed to the Chairperson (copied to Secretary and Workshop Organiser) before 23:59 hours (GMT) on 18 June 2021. You can either nominate yourself or another member can nominate you. The attached table shows the current members of the BAFA AFEE-SIG Executive Committee. Please feel free to contact any of the current executive members if you wish to discuss any of the above roles or membership. 

Professor Collins Ntim (Chairperson) (e-mails: and
Dr Philippe Lassou (Secretary) (e-mail:
Dr Karim Sorour (Workshop Organiser) (e-mail:

The deadline for receipt of interest is Monday, 18 June 2021.

Appointments are made under our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and are overseen by our Diversity and Inclusion Monitoring Committee.