BAFA Annual Conference

BAFA's flagship event is its Annual Conference which provides the opportunity for delegates to present and discuss their current research, discuss and advance issues in accounting and finance education, develop their academic network, and also provides an opportunity for the professional bodies and publishers to meet with academics and promote dialogue between them.

BAFA Doctoral Conference

BAFA's Doctoral Colloquium is a national colloquium for students registered for a PhD/MPhil in Accounting and Finance at a UK or Irish University. The purpose is to bring together doctoral students to participate in plenary sessions lead by senior researchers, dedicated workshops presented by subject area specialists, and offer students the opportunity to present their own work and receive expert comment and advice from established faculty members. The Doctoral Colloquium also provides an opportunity for group networking.

Students attending this event may be interested to note that there are reduced registrations fees for the Annual Conference, which takes place at the same venue immediately after this event.

BAFA Sub-Committee and Sub-Group Events

BAFA's sub-groups (regional, special interest, CDAF and CPAF) all organise their own conferences and workshops.  Details of these events can be found via the sub-groups section above.